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You will find under each day a complete listing of all official Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival events.  For those items that require a ticket, you will be given the opportunity to purchase tickets.  All items that don't require a ticket will be marked "Free".  Please do not contact the event location as they will not be able to assist you.  Should you have a question or need further assistance, please contact the Festival by either using the "Contact Us" page or at "info@rehobothjazz.com"


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  • Thursday, October 12

    8:00 PM - "West Coast Jam" featuring Rick Braun, Norman Brown & Richard Elliot.  Opening will be Nick Colionne and Eric Darius

    You can’t sit still, with Rick Braun on trumpet and flugelhorn, Norman Brown on guitar, and Richard Elliot on tenor sax!  Three distinct musicians generating one incredible, multi-faceted performance! You’ll be jamming right along with them!  Be prepared to be dazzled! 

     Tickets:  $59 - $125
    Cape Henlopeon Performing Arts Theater


  • Friday, October 13

    8:00 PM - Lalah Hathaway

    Ms. Hathaway won two Grammy’s this year, adding to her many other awards and nominations.  When Lalah is on stage, the atmosphere is charged with her sultry, alto voice.  Her music is a rich blend of jazz, pop rock and a little bit of gospel.  She is not just a star…she is stellar!

     Tickets:  $59 - $125
     Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

      10:00 PM - Pieces of a Dream

    This Philly based, R&B/Jazz band, formed by then teenagers, drummer Curtis Harmon and keyboardist James Lloyd; still dishes out that popular, youthful energy from the Seventies, and Philadelphia authenticity.  With sixteen albums to their credit, their music is still as energetic and fun-filled as ever!

     Tickets:  $49 - $99    
     Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

    • 10:00 PM – Paul Taylor, Brian Simpson & Eric Darius

     Get into the music, as Paul Taylor’s saxophone tantalizes, and Brian Simpson’s keyboard sets the mood. Eric Darius’s vocals and mellow sax interpretations complete the jam, for a very memorable experience.  A smooth jazz treat, not to be missed!

     Tickets:  $29 - $62  
     Rusty Rudder

  • Saturday, October 14

    12:00 PM - Outlet Liquors' Beer, Wine & Food Festival

    Come and enjoy this special Rehoboth Jazz event. 20 tasting tables of beer, wine and food plus great music.  Attendees must purchase AT THE DOOR a $5.00 wine glass which is their's to keep. Parking is limited. Doors open at 12 noon for the tasting event only. Outlet Liquors will be open for your purchases before, during and after the event.

    Tickets: $5.00 (At the door)  
    Outlet Liquors on Highway One

    1:00 PM - Boney James

    A frequent participant, and a Jazz Festival favorite, this 4-time Grammy winner fuses his love for vintage soul music with contemporary smooth Jazz.   He is a true jazz legend, and his performance has a “Future Soul!”  Experience jazz mastery at its best!

    Tickets: $59 - $125
    Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

    1:00 PM - JJ Sansaverino & Will Donato

    JJ Sansaverino, is well described as a captivating “take-no-prisoners” guitarist. The incomparable Will Donato on saxophone is known for his special connection with his audience. Put the two together, and you have a performance in overdrive! Sponsored by the Delaware Celebration of Jazz, producers of the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival. Make sure you’re in the audience for this show!

    Tickets: Free  
    Rusty Ruddy Deck

    2:30 PM - Club Phred

    This rock n’ roll event blasts onstage with electricity and great familiar hits! Set your feet on fire, as you dance to this band’s super charged interpretations of your favorite songs from the past! Just plain FUN!

    Tickets: FREE
    Rusty Rudder Deck

    • 2:30 PM – Peter White & Marc Antoine

     English and French guitarists, unite!  This performance is jazz guitar, at its best!  Come and see why!  You will savor the seasoned talents of these amazing artists, in an excellent acoustical venue!

    Tickets: $49  
    Epworth United Methodist Church

    2:30 PM - Maysa

    Maysa is from Baltimore, MD, and she graduated Morgan State University with a degree in classical performance.  Her Grammy nominated, melodic vocals, and phenomenal blend of Jazz and R&B, is a truly unique style all her own.  You will never be able to enjoy this enthralling artist, in such an intimate setting, again.  Come and enjoy Maysa’s captivating performance, in this close-up-and-personal venue.

    Tickets: $49 - $89  
    Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

    4:00 PM - "A Twist of Motown" with Art Sherrod, Jr.

    WORLD PREMIER!! This dance party is standing room only, but you won’t want to sit!  Art features his energized 15-piece band and fabulous backup singers.  The inspired saxophonist, credits his impressive, individualistic style to life experiences, his faith, and love of music.  It’s been said that he is equal parts heart and soul!  NOTE: This is a "stand-up" concert.  No seating is available.

    Tickets: $32  
    Bottle & Cork

    4:00 PM - Steve Cole & Four80East w/Matt Marshak

    Tenor sax player Steve Cole and his high-energy band, teams up with Matt Marshak on guitar.  Think R&B meets Jazz in the late 70’s through the 80’s, and you have the brilliant sound of this duo!  Great music in a FUN venue! Newly renovated giving you only 200 seats. Only here you will see world performing artists in such an intimate setting.

    Tickets: $29 - $62   
    Rusty Rudder

    • 7:30 PM – The 2017 Rehoboth Beach All-Stars

    Featuring, Brian Simpson, Boney James, Nick Colionne, Maysa, Paul Taylor and Kim Waters. There’s no putting out the fire at this performance! Not to be missed!

    Tickets: $59 - $125
    Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

    7:30 PM - Gerald Veasley, Lindsey Webster & Marc Antoine

    Imagine Gerald Veasley’s hot R&B bass, blending with Marc Antoine’s classic, acoustic savoir-faire. Add Lindsey Webster’s silky-rich, dusky vocals, and you have the perfect jazz fantasy. Let reality replace imagination, to experience the unexpected! Great!

    Tickets: $39  
    Epworth United Methodist Church


    • 10:00 PM – Peter White, Keiko Matsui & Euge Groove

    This will be an outstanding performance, featuring the outstanding Peter White, on guitar, the incomparable Euge Groove, on sax,\; and the distinctive keyboard style of the highly acclaimed, Keiko Matsui.  This limited 300 seat capacity venue, will give you a rare, close-up-and-personal experience, not to be missed!

    Tickets: $59 - $99  
    Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

    10:00 PM - Steve Cole & Kim Waters

    This is the dynamic duo of saxophone excellence!  Cole and Waters have collaborated for many years, creating an electric repertoire of contemporary jazz tunes that will surround you for an incomparable, vibrant experience. Plan to be at the Rusty Rudder for a brilliant performance! Only at the Rehoboth Jazz Festival will you see these two great Artist performing with only 200 seats available. 

    Tickets: $45 - $69  
    Rusty Rudder


  • Sunday, October 15

    10:00 AM - Art Sherrod, Jr's Gospel Brunch w/Tracey Hamlin and special guest Kayla Waters. 

    A yearly inspirational treat!.  When smooth jazz fuses with gospel music and food, you come up with saxman Art Sherrod Jr's Gospel Brunch.. Includes breakfast buffet. Buffet begins at 9a and ends at 11:00a. No food will be permitted in the Rudder theater.

    Tickets: $69
    Rusty Rudder

    12:30 PM - Larry Graham and Graham Central Station

    The great Larry Graham, bassist of Sly & the Family stone fame, hits the stage with his psychedelic, funky-soul style.  Immerse yourself in the music of a living legend!  Dance in the isle, clap your hands and be mesmerized by the sounds of this super bass-slapping king!

    Tickets: $59 - $125  
    Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

    • 2:30 PM – Peter White, Keiko Matsui & Euge Groove

    Once is never enough!  For an encore performance, these three sizzling jazz artists take the stage!  This venue offers a unique opportunity, for the jazz connoisseur, to get up-close-and-personal with these remarkable and inspirational artists!  Limited seating of 300.  Enjoy!

    Tickets: $59 - $99  
    Rehoboth Beach Elementary School

    6:00 PM - 2017 Grand Jam featuring Marc Antoine, Nick Colionne, Steve Cole, Euge Groove, Matt Marshak, Keiko Matsui, Maysa, JJ Sansaverino, Brian Simpson, Art Sherrod Jr, Paul Taylor, Kim Waters, Lindsey Webster, Peter White and Gerald Veasley.

    Tickets: $59 - $125    
    Cape Henlopen Performing Arts Theater

    8:00 PM - 2017 Closing Party featuring Eric Darius, Four80East, Tracey Hamlin, Matt Marshak, JJ Sansaverino, Art Sherrod Jr, Brian Simpson, Gerald Veasley and ?

    Customer appreciation closing party!  Includes dinner buffet. Buffet begins at 6p and ends at 9:30p.  No food will be permitted in the Rudder theater.

    Tickets: $69  
    Rusty Rudder


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